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Ready to move standalone villas for sale in New Cairo Madinaty

Reference: NS 117296
EGP 10,295,000
MLS Realty
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EGP 10,295,000

Ready to move standalone villas for sale in New Cairo Madinaty

NS 117296
Stand Alone
EGP 10,295,000 Installment
Finishing Status:
Semi Finished
Plot Area:
212 sqm
Building Area:
201 sqm
EGP 10,295,000
Down Payment:
EGP 6,195,000
Year Built:
Wed 12 Apr 2023
About Madinaty New Cairo

Villa 3 Bedrooms for Sale in Madinaty - New Cairo By Talaat Moustafa Group - Delivery Year 2023

Madinaty: A Masterplanned Sustainable City Promoting Wellbeing and Progress

Madinaty is a 32,000 acre masterplanned city under development by Talaat Moustafa Group in New Cairo. Spanning residential, commercial, educational, medical, recreational and tourist districts, Madinaty promises prosperity, wellbeing and opportunity through sustainable design, advanced facilities and natural surroundings.

Some highlights of Madinaty include:

• Over 200,000 residential units including villas, townhouses, apartments and hotels with built-up areas ranging from 50 to 500 square meters. Options for living, vacationing and investment.

• 150+ schools from kindergarten to higher education including British, American, Canadian and IB curricula. Seamless access to progressive, multilingual education.

• 500+ bed multi-specialty hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical parks and wellness retreats. Preventative healthcare, treatment and rejuvenation within reach.

• Large scale shopping malls, retail boulevards and business districts. Options to work, trade, dine, shop and invest across industries, interests and budgets.

• Sports clubs, hotels, F&B outlets, theme parks, eco-spaces and entertainment hubs. Leisure, enjoyment, social interaction and community spirit across generations.

• Solar energy production, district cooling systems, public transit networks, nature preserves and eco-friendly design. Sustainable smart city solutions reducing environmental footprint.

• Pricing starting at EGP 50,000 including affordable options, flexible finance terms, installments and premium collections. Access to opportunity and prosperity within each budget.

Madinaty translates vision into pioneering smart city concepts and sustainable living addressing basic human needs beyond just accommodation. It facilitates balanced wellbeing, prosperity and progress through location potential, advanced amenities and sustainable frameworks rather than sale price or popularity alone.

Madinaty promises joy, thriving and purpose across life spheres at minimal costs and maximum rewards. It delivers livelihood and community integration built on equity, opportunity and shared success rather than exclusivity. Buying or living at Madinaty provides the perfect smart, eco-living and progress experience at optimal value. This is an investment in vibrant future potential and prosperity too significant to miss.

Madinaty invites you to discover shared purpose and pioneering progress within an eco-smart hub of opportunity.
Step into wellbeing, balanced joy and naturalistic community spirit at every affordable and advanced turn.
Access education, healthcare, trade, recreation, entertainment and green spaces seamlessly.
Madinaty brings prosperity and progress to life through sustainable vision, smart city frameworks and universal access.
Live this pioneering eco-smart address of equitable thriving, purpose and success for all.

A vision of vibrant community, meaningful progress and shared joy awaits at Madinaty.
Step into balanced wellbeing, natural vitality and advanced comfort at an attractive value.
Discover leisure, education, healthcare, work and investment opportunities rather than just sale price.
Madinaty facilitates joy, thriving and purpose connecting all life spheres through smart eco-living at optimal value. It offers more than ordinary living, community or city experiences alone. Madinaty champions success shared equally by all over luxuries, privileges or profits of select groups.

Madinaty cultivates meaning, purpose and prosperity through seamless access, shared spaces and collaborative success at sustainable environmental and financial costs. It advocates balance, integration and equitable thriving over excess of consumption, waste or socioeconomic divides. Madinaty nurtures prospering, wellbeing and joy through harmony between prime locations, advanced amenities and sustainable concepts at minimal burden. It stands for progress benefitting all equally through equity, opportunity and community rather than popularity, square footage or profits alone.

In summary, this draft article aims to highlight Madinaty as an eco-smart masterplanned city championing universal wellbeing, purpose and progress through sustainable frameworks, seamless access and shared success. Madinaty delivers livelihood and community integration rather than just living or development functions alone. It cultivates prosperous harmony between innovative concepts, prime location and optimal value. Madinaty stands for smart eco-living and thriving benefitting all rather than just saleability, popularity or profits.

Does this draft article help convey the key philosophy and positioning of Madinaty masterplanned eco-smart city? Let me know if any clarification or improvement suggestions would help strengthen the content and messaging. I can also draft similar articles on other communities or destinations if needed.

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